Clean Air Campaign

Our Clean Air Campaign revolves around the principle that everyone has a right to breathe clean air. Our communities are burdened with toxins from many sources including asphalt plants, coal and gas-fired power plants and natural gas compressor stations. We participate in the permitting process as well as commenting on state and federal policy and programs in advocating for cleaner air.

Clean Water Campaign

The Clean Water Campaign is a program for community organizing around contaminated groundwater sites, prevention of the weakening of 2L standards - with priority on groundwater at the drinking water level, and the blocking of dangerous brownfields.

Coal Ash Campaign

The BREDL Coal Ash Campaign aims to block the landfilling of coal ash from Duke Energy's plants. Staff and volunteers are working with county commissioners and environmental justice advocates to prevent this hazardous waste from contaminating groundwater and drinking water in the state’s mega-dump communities. The League warns that landfilling would endanger public health and the environment. The League's Executive Committee has determined that the full liability for the coal ash should be borne by Duke Energy.

Environmental Justice Campaign

The United States Environmental Protection Agency established the Office of Environmental Justice in 1992 because all Americans regardless of race, color, national origin, or economic circumstance should be able to live in a clean, healthy environment.

No Mega-Dumps Campaign

The BREDL No-Mega Dump Campaign tracks regional proposed or expanded landfills as well as pushing for the closure of mega-dumps.

Nuclear Campaign

The BREDL Nuclear Campaign highlights the issues with nuclear waste. The campaign educates the public on new attempts to further nuclear power via small modular reactors and versatile test reactors. We track attempts to add nuclear reactor units in the southeast.

Safe Energy Campaign

BREDL's Safe Energy Campaign promotes clean, safe renewable energy and an end to dirty fossil-fuel energy. Our campaign also targets polluting waste to energy incinerators. We will thwart attempts to label non-clean, non-safe energy such as biomass and nuclear as clean or renewable.

Safeguard America's Resources: Land, Air, Water And Energy

This multi-state campaign extends across the BREDL region. We understand that natural gas issues are interconnected: fracking, waste management, pipelines, landowner rights, exports, compressor stations, power plants, and air and water pollution. We must act for the safety and health of our communities, the preservation of this land the protection of the planet. Join us.

Stop Incineration Campaign

BREDL Stop Incineration Campaign focuses on pyrolysis, thermal gasification and other types of incineration.

Zero Waste Campaign

BREDL Zero Waste Campaign works with local jurisdictions on zero waste plans and promotes recycling.