BREDL Nuclear Campaign

BREDL former Executive Director Lou Zeller stands next to BREDL's mock nuclear waste cask during Nuclear Waste Roadshow.

The BREDL Nuclear Campaign highlights the issues with nuclear waste. The campaign educates the public on new attempts to further nuclear power via small modular reactors and versatile test reactors. We track attempts to add nuclear reactor units in the southeast.

BREDL comments on DOE's consent-based siting and federal interim storage

Mar. 07, 2022: Working in communities in the Southeast since 1984, we are well aware of radioactive waste initiatives going out to potential waste dump communities. The Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League was founded because of one such program, the DOE's Crystalline Repository Project and interim Monitored Retrievable Storage Site. We have continually opposed such radioactive waste dumps wherever they are proposed, including Yucca Mountain, Nevada. Likewise, we oppose so-called consolidated interim storage schemes.

BREDL letter to President Biden regarding U.S. Nuclear Posture Review and the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

Jan. 22, 2022: BREDL requests President Biden to take action to have the U.S. adopt the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and to make the treaty a core element of his administration's upcoming Nuclear Posture Review.

Billionaire's Blunder : A Report by Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League

May. 04, 2021: Bill Gates believes he has figured out a solution for combating climate change: a return to nuclear power. We at Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League and others around the world know that nuclear energy and power are not the future we should look to.

The nuclear industry is a struggling industry as more and more plants get shut down and retire. Since 2012, six reactors have shut down and there are plans that seven others will close. Meanwhile, solar and renewables are growing.

BREDL comments on Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement-Clinch River Nuclear Site Advanced Nuclear Reactor Technology Park

Mar. 19, 2021: Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League is in opposition to Tennessee Valley Authority going through with the construction, operation, and decommissioning of an advanced nuclear reactor technology park at the Clinch River Nuclear (CRN) Site in Oak Ridge, Roane County, Tennessee for the following reasons: A variety of negative environmental and human health impacts, there are no efficient and practical solutions for nuclear waste, small modular reactors and microreactors are not the future or cost effective, nuclear energy is a struggling industry, and energy demands are decreasing.

Groups Gather at Savannah River Site to Mark Historic Treaty Outlawing Nuclear Weapons, Call for Action

Jan. 22, 2021: Today, people living near the Savannah River Site participated in an historic day in the movement to eliminate nuclear weapons. Joining with scores of similar actions across the nation and around the world, local residents unfurled a 10-foot banner stating that "Nuclear Weapons Are Illegal." At midnight, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons enters into force, establishing in international ban on nuclear weapons.

10 foot TPNW banner

Eugene Lowry, President Richmond County Neighborhood Alliance Association; Charles Utley, Associate Director BREDL; Claude Howard, President Concern Citizens of Shell Bluff; Melvin Stewart, Hyde Park and Aragon Park Improvement Committee; and Richard Colclough, Call To Action.

BREDL and our chapter Concerned Citizens of Shell Bluff file Motion to reopen and submit amended contention regarding Plant Vogtle Unit 3

Dec. 29, 2020: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission Answer claims that BREDL has relied on predecisional material in this matter. This is incorrect. BREDL is relying on material that was contemporaneous with its intervention yet withheld from public scrutiny. This information, which was used by NRC to reach its decision to approve SNC's license amendment request, was provided to BREDL only after a lengthy FOIA response period.

BREDL and our chapter Concerned Citizens of Shell Bluff file motion to reopen proceeding regarding Plant Vogtle Unit 3

Dec. 17, 2020: In a 22-page brief filed on December 7th, BREDL's Lou Zeller stated, "The NRC continues this pattern of non-response to requests for information." He said that vital information used by the NRC staff to change Plant Vogtle's construction license is still being withheld from public view, and that private sessions were held in the company's Electronic Reading Room. "It is tantamount to needing a secret decoder ring to get to the treasure map." Under federal rules of evidence, all documents for the record must be open to examination by all parties.

Group Finds Catch-22 in Georgia's Plant Vogtle License Changes
Legal Appeal Filed Sept. 4

Sep. 09, 2020: Today residents of the Shell Bluff community and the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League announced that they had filed a legal appeal of the license changes granted last month to the owners of Plant Vogtle. In an eight-page brief filed on Friday, the opponents of the license identified a ''Catch-22" process used by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission