No mega-dumps  

BREDL No Mega-Dumps Campaign

The BREDL No-Mega Dump Campaign tracks regional proposed or expanded landfills as well as pushing for the closure of mega-dumps.

EPA Should Hold Industry Financially Accountable for its Toxic Messes

Nov. 15, 2016: It's well past time for EPA to fulfill its mandate under Superfund to ensure that industries handling hazardous substances have the resources to conduct timely and comprehensive cleanups. We teach our children to clean up their own messes—it’s time industry did the same.

BREDL Letter to EPA

BREDL Comments on Proposed Amendments to Georgia’s Rules for Solid Waste Management Chapter 391-3-4

Aug. 10, 2016: The Environmental Protection Division (EPD) has proposed adopting the US EPA’s rules, including their requirements for liner systems. However, this design is not likely to protect groundwater from contamination. The efficacy of using composite liner systems for containment of coal ash has not been demonstrated.

BREDL Comments

Person County PRIDE Calls for Megadump Closure
New Report Details Cost Saving Alternative


June 29, 2016: In a report released today, “Wasted: A Call for Person County to End its Relationship with Republic Services,” Person County PRIDE launched a new campaign calling for an end to decades of solid waste imports into Person County.

PC PRIDE Press Release | Report