Safeguard America's Resources  

Safeguard America’s Resources:
Land, Air, Water and Energy

This multi-state campaign extends across the BREDL region. We understand that natural gas issues are interconnected: fracking, waste management, pipelines, landowner rights, exports, compressor stations, power plants, and air and water pollution. We must act for the safety and health of our communities, the preservation of this land the protection of the planet. Join us.

BREDL requests FERC to deny MVP an extension of time

Jul. 26, 2022: In our comments submitted to FERC, BREDL: (1) Requests that FERC deny request from Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC (MVP, LLC) for an extension of time until October 13, 2026 to complete construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) (2) In the event that MVP, LLC is granted an extension of time to complete construction of the MVP, BREDL requests that
--revised Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) and Stormwater Management (SWM) plans for the MVP be a condition of the requested extension
--consideration of cumulative aquatic impacts of building both the MVP and the Southgate extension be a condition of the requested extension

BREDL Requests that FERC officially acknowledge Green Hollow Drive as a contributing resource inside the Bent Mountain Orchard Rural Historic District

Jun. 21, 2022: FERC's claim that Green Hollow Drive (incorrectly called "Green Hollow Road" in the Order) is not a contributing resource in the Bent Mountain Orchard Rural Historic District contradicts the findings of The Evaluation Committee of the Virginia Department of Historic Resources

BREDL sends letter to NC Attorney General regarding easements for the cancelled Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Sep. 07, 2021: In our letter, we point out that landowners whom were able to obtain legal counsel were able to negotiate better terms. We request the Attorney General right the injustices and assist landowners in regaining these easements.

BREDL comments to SC PSA regarding Proposed New Pipeline Regulation

Jun. 11, 2021: BREDL reviewed Social Vulnerability Index data compiled by CDC for Florence County, SC which indicate that there already are moderate to high levels of social vulnerability in the census tracts in the Pamplico area of Florence County.

Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League Calls on Virginia and North Carolina Attorneys General to Aid Landowners Left in Limbo by the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Mar. 15, 2021: Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League has requested the Attorneys General of North Carolina and Virginia intervene on behalf of landowners who were forced to bow to "bullying and predatory" tactics used to gain easements for the now cancelled Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP).

BREDL - Eminent Justice: How a pipeline was cancelled

Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League staff and chapter members talk about the Atlantic Coast Pipeline fight. The Dominion Energy and Duke Energy ACP was approved in 2014. Had it been constructed, it would have traversed 550 miles from West Virginia through Virginia to North Carolina. The pipeline companies cancelled the project on July 5, 2020.

BREDL comments to U.S. Forest Service DSEIS for MVP

Nov. 09, 2020: Mountain Valley Pipeline is seeking approval to plow a 42-inch natural gas climate wrecking pipeline through 3.5 miles of our life-sustaining national forest. The Jefferson National Forest Plan would need to be amended to allow this intrusion. Just because FERC rubberstamps projects does not mean that the Forest Service has to go along with the destruction.

BREDL and our Chapters along the MVP file Motion to Intervene and Comment in Opposition to Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC Request for Extension of Time

Sep. 10, 2020: Not all pipeline projects are the same. Not all pipeline companies are the same. FERC should properly examine this case and not simply grant this extension.

The Mountain Valley Pipeline project is far from being completed. In Virginia, according to MVP reports filed with FERC, MVP has completed about 80% clearing; 84% right-of-way preparation; 65% trenching, welding, coating and wrapping; 70% stringing; 54% backfilling and tying-in; and 15% final restoration.

FERC has a great opportunity here - the opportunity to right a wrong. Commissioners can prevent further harm to the communities along the MVP route by denying this request for an extension.

No ACP/Stop MVP Unity Banner Presented to Water Protectors in Bent Mountain

Aug. 18, 2020: The Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League, its chapters and allies presented a Unity Banner to water protectors and pipeline fighters at the Bent Mountain Community Center, Bent Mountain, VA. The Unity Banner was created to symbolize solidarity between those who successfully fought and stopped the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) and those who are still fighting the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP).

BREDL sends letter to Governor Northam requesting he prevent an influx of thousands of out of state pipeline workers into southwest and southside Virginia during ongoing pandemic

Aug. 06, 2020: We have grave concerns that adding thousands of workers - many coming from states currently designated as "hot spots" for COVID-19 - will not only significantly increase the number of cases in these counties but will also put an undue burden on our local healthcare system.

Residents Call for Public Hearing on Pipeline

Jul. 21, 2020: Landowners on the proposed route of a new natural gas pipeline in Florence County South Carolina have requested a public hearing. Adopting the name Pamplico Pipeline Defense Committee, the group seeks to protect residents living in the path of a 14.5 mile, 16-inch gas line proposed by Dominion Energy South Carolina.

Atlantic Coast Pipeline Cancelled
Statements of the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League staff and chapter members who lived in the path of the project

Jul. 05, 2020: Duke and Dominion's press release: Dominion Energy (NYSE: D) and Duke Energy (NYSE: DUK) today announced the cancellation of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline ("ACP") due to ongoing delays and increasing cost uncertainty which threaten the economic viability of the project.

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Therese Vick, BREDL's community organizer and campaign director, Raleigh, NC: "As our founder Janet Marsh said: 'We just have to last one day longer than they do!'"

Kathie Mosley, BREDL VP and Concern for the New Generation, Union Hill, VA: "Dominion chose to ignore the Union Hill community, but we stood up never stopped fighting. They tried to divide our community, but we never ever gave in. It feels good today to know we slayed the giant."

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