The League Line  

The LEAGUE LINE is a quarterly publication of the Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League.

The LEAGUE LINE: Fall 2022

Fall 2022

- Cover: A victory for the people by Renee Cail
- Director's Report: An environmental nightmare called eminent domain by Kathy Andrews
- "Forever chemical" GenX found in Roanoke River and local drinking water supply reservoir by Mark Barker
- North and South Forks of the Roanoke River focus of GenX investigation by Ann Rogers
- Firefighters are exposed to toxic PFAS in their personal protective equipment by Therese Vick
- Chapel Hill signs and bus ads removed, raising First Amendment concerns by Jason Torian
- New Mexico - not a sacrifice zone by Jenn Galler
- EPA Risk Management Program proposed rule leaves communities at risk

The LEAGUE LINE: Summer 2022

Summer 2022

- Cover: Seeking protection for our local communities is something that we must continue to pursue by Charles Utley
- BREDL sending representative to Germany for peace delegation by Jenn Galler
- Director's Report: Citizens' responsibility when it comes to pollution by Kathy Andrews
- EPA takes action on PFAS by Therese Vick
- Disenfranchisement and its impact on environmental justice by Jason Torian
- Solar panels in parking lots by Ann Rogers
- BREDL welcomes Jan Haagensen as Development Director

The LEAGUE LINE: Spring 2022

Spring 2022

- Cover: Fire at Winston-Salem fertilizer operation exposes weaknesses and loopholes in state and federal regulations by Therese Vick
- Georgia state House of Representatives honor Renee Cail with the 2022 Yellow Rose Nikki T. Randall Servant Leader Award
- Rev. Charles Utley spoke as part of U.S. Department of State's Leadership Program
- Director's Report: Fundraising during tough times by Kathy Andrews
- Environmental Injustices persist in Chapel Hill by Jason Torian
- BREDL seeks revamping of water quality standards for Mountain Valley Pipeline by Ann Rogers
- Sharon Ponton retires from BREDL
- BREDL welcomes Jason Torian as community organizer

The LEAGUE LINE: Winter 2022

Winter 2022

- Cover: Virginia air board denies permit for MVP Southgate compressor station - MVP appeals decision by Mark Barker
- Director's Report: The people of Pamplico, South Carolina must rise up and fight Dominion Energy by Kathy Andrews
- Unity and support makes a difference for the needs of our communities by Charles Utley, BREDL Associate Director
- The 1,4 Dioxane Dilemma continues... by Therese Vick
- Update and next steps on Mountain Valley Pipeline by Ann Rogers
- "It took a while, but in the end we won." by Lou Zeller, BREDL Strategic Advisor
- Ways to raise money for your chapter

The LEAGUE LINE: Fall 2021

Fall 2021

- Cover: BREDL welcomes Kathy Andrews as new executive director
- TVA retains ownership of the Bellefonte Nuclear Plant site - Agency will not request any new licensing by Sandy Kurtz, BREDL Co-President
- The 1,4 Dioxane Dilemma by Therese Vick
- Roanoke County Supervisor takes action on MVP by Ann Rogers
- BREDL welcomes new chapter Coalition for a Clean Dan River Region by Julie Owen, CCDRR Director
- People vs. Fossil Fuels pictorial
- "In honor of a Code Red Warning, I Harken Thee" - a poem by Frank McManus

The LEAGUE LINE: Summer 2021

Summer 2021

   ** Extra: Full interview with Lou **
   ** Extra: Jenn's In Our Backyard Podcast interview with Lou **
- Cover: Congratulations Lou-Happy Retirement! - Thank you for decades of leadership and community organizing
   Lou talks about the use of chapters
   Lou reflects on "Whatever it takes"
   Lou discusses some of his favorite characters: Captain Slow, Compost Chef, Dr. Smello
   Lou gives us the details on that 1990 photo of him being dragged out of a meeting
   Sand in the gears
   Lou talks about the Miss Nuclear North Carolina Pageant
   Lou photos
- Director's Report: Envision the Future by Louis Zeller
- Augusta Georgia Goes Green - Zero Emissions Electric Bus by Charles Utley
- Duke University Nicholas School of the Environment Stanback Fellowship Program students
- BREDL Union Hill report cited by National Geographic

The LEAGUE LINE: Spring 2021

Spring 2021

- Cover: Yet another polluting facility permitted for Richmond County, NC - ITD plans to burn wood and creosote railroad ties by Debra David, Concerned Citizens of Richmond County
- Director's Report: Power matters by Louis Zeller
- Welcome Unicoi Clear by Court Lewis, President, Unicoi Clear Executive Committee
- Chapter Update: Madison County Clean Power Coalition by Ruth Ann Tesanovich, Secretary & Treasurer, Historian Madison County Clean Power Coalition
- Let UNC know we don't want their coal plant anymore! by Jenn Galler
- BREDL requests state action to correct MVP's erosion & sediment control and stormwater management plans by Ann Rogers
- UNC student volunteers - The Stop the Pipeline Pamplico Defense League Committee - "The struggle continues and so do we." by Charles Utley
- Pamplico Community Raises the Stakes - Calls mount for a landowner bill of rights by Louis Zeller

The LEAGUE LINE: Winter 2021

Winter 2021

- Cover: Campaign victory! In big win for communities, coal ash disposal company drops appeal of Chatham, Lee County cases by Therese Vick
- "They didn't give up" by Cathy Cralle-Jones , Law Office of F Bryan Brice Jr.
- EnvironmentaLee - Organized to win by Debbie Hall and Keely Wood
- Chatham Citizens Against Coal Ash Dump - Endurance prevails by Judy Hogan
- Coal Ash Campaign Timeline
- Coal Ash Campaign Photos
- Director's Report: The tears of things by Louis Zeller
- Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons - The beginning of the end - Halt Savannah River Site's return to nuclear weapons production by Charles Utley, BREDL Associate Director
- Tracing the muddy tracks of MVP by Ann Rogers
- Victory for clean air in Ashe County
- "Environmental Pains Bring Environmental Gains" - a poem by Renee Cail
- In Our Backyard Podcast - Season 2 begins
- BREDL Grassroots Mini Grant Program

The LEAGUE LINE: Fall 2020

Fall 2020

- Cover: Mountain Valley Pipeline obtains two-year extension and approval to resume construction - Fight is not over! by Mark Barker
- Director's Report: BREDL's approach to community organizing by Louis Zeller
- Activists don't quit by Renee Cail - BREDL's In Our Backyard Podcast - Recent Interviews conducted by Jenn Galler
- Roanoke County forwards BREDL's request to DEQ for revision of stormwater plans prior to further construction of MVP in Virginia by Ann Rogers
- PHMSA rules must be rewritten to stop systemic racism by Sharon Ponton
- Pamplico Stop The Pipeline Defense Committee - A community focused on keeping their inheritance clean and free from contamination by Rev. Charles N. Utley, Associate Director
- Atlantic Coast Pipeline - Guide for Landowners by Gabrielle James
- Groups sue over weak emission standards for chemical plants linked to cancer - EPA's rule for organic chemical facilities allows toxic air pollution at levels dangerous for public health - Chapter update on Chapel Hill Organization for Clean Energy (CHOCE) by Jenn Galler

The LEAGUE LINE: Summer 2020

Summer 2020

- Cover: Victory! Never give up - the Atlantic Coast Pipeline is dead by Therese Vick & Sharon Ponton
- Cover: Marvin Winstead statement on ACP victory
- ACP Victory!: The lone yellow pine that helped stop a giant by Catherine Cralle Jones, The Law Office of F. Bryan Brice, Jr.
- ACP Victory!: A Virginia landowner's victory
- ACP Victory!: A pictorial look back
- Director's Report: The value of life or Knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing by Louis Zeller
- Having a new perspective in a changing world by Rev. Charles N. Utley, Associate Director
- BREDL's In Our Backyard Podcast
- BREDL welcomes Pittsylvania County Preservation League by Ann Rogers
- Welcome BREDL Summer 2020 interns
- Chapter Update: Sustainable Madison by Emily Sontag
- Mountain Valley Pipeline: Where does it stand? by Mark Barker
- Georgia nuclear plant sinking

The LEAGUE LINE: Spring 2020

Spring 2020

- Cover: North Carolina landowners fight Atlantic Coast Pipeline invasion during pandemic by Therese Vick
- Director's Report: “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Proverbs 29:18 & A message to the staff, chapters, volunteers and board regarding the COVID-19 pandemic by Louis Zeller
- Non – ionizing radiation, good or bad? by Renee Cail
- BREDL's new podcast: In Our Backyard Podcast by Jenn Galler
- Anderson and Prospect Hill join forces in a new BREDL chapter, "Protect Caswell" by Sharon Vinson
- Chapter Update: Madison County Clean Power Coalition works for statewide ban on burning creosote railroad ties for energy by Ruth Ann Tesanovich
- Southgate as segment: a BREDL perspective by Ann Rogers
- Chapter Update: Chatham Citizens Against Coal Ash Dump and EnvironmentaLee
- Zero waste through the spirit of our youth by Rev. Charles Utley
- MVP contractor not adhering to Virginia Governor's emergency orders by Mark Barker
- BREDL's Lou Zeller honored for Environmental Services

The LEAGUE LINE: Winter 2020

Winter 2020

- Cover: Coal ash victory for Chatham and Lee Counties, and communities across North Carolina by Therese Vick
- 2nd Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Legacy Banquet Drum Major for Justice Awards by Rev. Charles Utley
- Director's Report: Listen to women for change by Louis Zeller
- Union Hill victory! by Sharon Ponton
- Welcome Madison County Clean Power Coalition! by Jenn Galler and Renee Cail
- A new decade starting out with an old bill: rubber stamp agency approves billions by Rev. Charles Utley
- Money for BREDL chapters! by Ann Rogers
- BREDL launches major donor campaign

The LEAGUE LINE: Fall 2019

Fall 2019

- Cover: Climate Crisis: Tri-State Pipeline Strike by Sharon Ponton
- Seeking Volunteers to Serve on BREDL's Campaign Cabinet by Ann Rogers
- A Tribute to Rev. Willie Tomlin by Charles Utley
- Director's Report: Gravity's Rainbow by Louis Zeller
- Legal Update on Chatham, Lee Coal Ash Cases by Therese Vick
- Air Quality Monitoring in Hamlet, NC by Michael Ong, BREDL Stanback Intern
- Sounding the Alarm about the Dangers of Cell Towers by Renee Cail
- Starting a Campaign from the Ground Up by Jenn Galler
- Rabun Gap Chapter of BREDL Declares First Meeting a Win! by Cherie Faircloth, Rabun Gap Chapter
- New Staff: BREDL Welcomes Marvin Winstead
- BREDL Welcomes 2019 Interns

The LEAGUE LINE: Summer 2019

Summer 2019

- Cover: U.S. Supreme Court Rules to Uphold Virginia's Moratorium on Uranium Mining by Ann Rogers
- We tried to warn you, landfills leak by Therese Vick
- Director's Report: Mobilizing versus Organizing by Louis Zeller
- The Value Exceeds Our Imagination by Charles Utley and Sharon Ponton
- BREDL Summer Interns
- MVP-Southgate Project to bring third natural gas compressor station and more toxins to Chatham, VA by Mark Barker

The LEAGUE LINE: Spring 2019

Spring 2019

- Cover: 24-Hour Vigil for Justice Calls on Governor Northam and AG Herring to Protect Creation and Life Over Pipelines by Sharon Ponton
- Director's Report: Whatever it Takes by Louis Zeller
- David vs. Goliath: North Carolina Landowners Continue to Win in Federal Court against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline by Therese Vick
- The Importance of having an Environmental Justice Program at the Community Level by Charles Utley
- Compressor Station's Toxic Fluctuations by Pastor Cary Rodgers
- Environmental Justice Failure by North Carolina by Lou Zeller
- Clean Water Act Under Attack - One Step Forward, Two Steps Back by Ann Rogers
- New Chapter Forms in Rabun Gap, Georgia by Mark Barker
- Saving the Jewel of the Blue Ridge by Emily Sontag, Sustainable Madison
- BREDL Welcomes New Staff Members Renee Cail and Jenn Galler

The LEAGUE LINE: Winter 2019

Winter 2019

- Cover: Janet Marsh Zeller
- BREDL Teams with Sioux in Groundbreaking Legal Challenge to FERC's Certification of the Mountain Valley Pipeline by Ann Rogers
- Roanoke Gas Expansion into Franklin County, VA by Mark Barker
- What does a huge document dump on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline tell us? That the Governor should have dumped the ACP by Therese Vick
- You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet by Sharon Ponton
- Why is Enviva’s Proposed Permit with “pollution controls” worse than the original? by Pastor Cary Rodgers

The LEAGUE LINE: Fall 2018

Fall 2018

- Cover: Resolution for Zero Waste, and Renewable Energy
- Director's Report: Understanding the Dynamics of Power Critically important to Winning by Louis Zeller
- Drastic Improvement Needed to Protect Historic Sites by Ann Rogers
- People's Action: From Protest to Power - The People's Assembly by Mark Barker
- Can we talk about coal ash by Therese Vick
- James A. Johnson Honored - Officers Elected
- Revamping our Membership Program
- SUCCESS! Northampton County Citizens Against Coal Ash by Wanda Flythe

The LEAGUE LINE: Summer 2018

Summmer 2018

- Cover: How Do You Know If You Are Winning? by Pastor Cary Rodgers, Jr.
- Director's Report: Victory for Clean Air by Louis Zeller
- How Long is Too Long - In Pursuit of Public Records by Therese Vick
- Title VI Civil Rights Complaints Filed with EPA by NC and VA Environmental Groups by Sharon Ponton
- Working Alongside the Sioux to Preserve Native American History by Ann Rogers
- BREDL Welcomes 2018 Interns
- Augusta, Georgia Advances Climate Solutions and Zero Waste by 2050 by Charles N. Utley, Associate Director

The LEAGUE LINE: Spring 2018

Spring 2018

- Cover: Radio Ad's Response To Cooper's Threat On Land Legacies by Pastor Cary Rodgers, Jr.
- Director's Report: DIRECT ACTION - The heart of a successful campaign by Louis Zeller
- BREDL Welcomes New Executive Assistant - Mark Barker
- Appalachian and Piedmont Virginia - Native American history vs. the Mountain Valley Pipeline by Ann Rogers
- EXPORT REPORT: Global Market, Not Domestic Use, Drives Natural Gas Industry by Lou Zeller
- North Carolina Coal Ash Updates by Therese Vick
- An Old Building With A New Mission - The Mary Utley Community Center Located in Hyde Park by Charles N. Utley, Associate Director
- EJ Advisory Committee Heeds Advice of Residents
- Property Values Plunge for Some Landowners Who Signed Easements for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in Highland and Nelson Counties, VA by Sharon Ponton

The LEAGUE LINE: Winter 2018

Winter 2018

- Cover: Coal Ash Recycling: An Ill-starred Technology for a Dirty Industry by Therese Vick
Director's Report: The Myth of De Facto Segregation and its Impact on Environmental Justice by Louis Zeller
- The Public Service Commission Gives Vogtle a Resounding Gift at the Ratepayers Expense by Charles Utley
- BREDL Chapters Making Huge Impacts to STOP the ACP! by Pastor Cary Rodgers, Jr.
- Let's save historic landscapes from being "graffiti'd" by the Mountain Valley Pipeline by Ann Rogers
- BREDL Staff Testify at National Hearing on Rollback of EPA Clean Power Plan by Mara Robbins and Michael James-Deramo
- Radford Arsenal, Moving Towards Accountability by Michael James-Deramo
- Clean Energy Resolution Approved in Floyd by Mara Robbins
- Local Resolutions to Reverse Climate Change Approved in Madison County, NC by Jesse Zeller-Davis, Madison County Early College Student
- What's really behind all the pipelines? Consumer need, or exportation for corporate greed? by Sharon Ponton

The LEAGUE LINE: Fall 2017

Fall 2017

- Cover: BREDL Drives Successful Fight to Halt Spraying of Toxic Leachate by Therese Vick
Director's Report: League Line Director's Report by Louis Zeller
- The Truth behind the AP 1000 Nuclear Design by Charles Utley
- Diversification of Funding Sources by Ann Rogers
- Five, Unified, and Winning! by Pastor Cary Rodgers
- Blocking Nuclear Power's Small Hopes by Sandy Kurtz
- The Quintessence of Obfuscation by Eleanor Amidon
- Building Solutions for a Sustainable Future by Mara Robbins

The LEAGUE LINE: Summer 2017

Summer 2017

- Cover: Racial Equity: A Gateway to Environmental Justice by Charles Utley
Director's Report: Notes from the field: Giving to the present by Louis Zeller
- Welcome BREDL's Student Interns
- Nuclear Update: League Petitions NRC to Oppose TVA Reactors at Clinch River
- Nuclear Power Too Hot to Handle by Charles Utley
- Pipeline Puzzles: North Carolinians cautiously applaud NC DEQ, while Virginians shake their heads in bewilderment. by Sharon Ponton
- Our Way of Life is at Stake by JL Fogo, Preserve Floyd
- Is Injustice a Coincidence? Why Enviva Must Be Stopped by Pastor Cary Rodgers
- Can We Ignore The Signs by Sandy Kurtz
- Where is My Community? Where? Right Here! by Ann Rogers
- Self Care and Relationship Building in Organizing by Michael James-Deramo

The LEAGUE LINE: Spring 2017

Spring 2017

- Cover: Coal Ash Victory in North Carolina by Therese Vick
- Director's Report: Earth Day 2017 - Public Trust: No Retreat, No Surrender by Louis Zeller
- Stop The Pipeline - Roll Back Pollution by Louis Zeller
- Careful Responsible Management of our Environment Entrusted Through Environmental Justice Stewardship of our Natural Resources by Charles Utley
- Lawsuit to Block Natural Gas Compressor in Buckingham County
- Holding the Radford Arsenal Accountable by Justin Haber
- Welcome Ann Rogers to BREDL Staff
- Building A Strategic Campaign to Win by Michael James-Deramo

The LEAGUE LINE: Winter 2017

Winter 2017

- BREDL Chapter Concern for the New Generation Vows to Continue Fight Against Compressor Station by Sharon Ponton
- Farm Aid Funds for BREDL by Carolyn Reilly
- Six out of Eight and Growing to Stop the ACP by Pastor Cary Rodgers
- In North Carolina, Lee County Wins Key Coal Ash Struggle by Therese Vick
- Nuclear Campaign at Plant Vogtle Update by Lou Zeller
- The Fight for Justice Continues by Charles Utley
- How to Save the World - Join the North Carolina Climate Solutions Coaltion by Dr. Harvard Ayers
- Divestment, A History and Strategic Overview by Michael James-Deramo

The LEAGUE LINE: Fall 2016

Fall 2016

- Cover: Industries' Racket by Louis Zeller
- Living in the Shadow of Oppression; Eminent Domain by Carolyn Reilly
- Director's Report: League Line Director's Report by Lou Zeller
- Why Self Air Monitoring... by Cary Rodgers
- Creating a Toolbox for Community Air Monitoring by Therese Vick
- by Cary Rodgers
- Staff Profile: BREDL Welcomes Michael James-Deramo
- Sabal Trail Pipeline (Spectra Energy) by Dr. Michael Noll

The LEAGUE LINE: Summer 2016

Summer 2016

- Cover: Ethics Complaint Filed Against North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory by Therese Vick
- The "Smoke" of Environmental Justice. by Cary Rodgers
- Governor McAuliffe: You Can Run, But You Can't HIDE! by Carolyn Reilly
- 2nd Annual Hands Across Our Land On August 28, 2016 by Sharon Ponton
- Director's Report: Forming Coalitions: Be Wary, Be Smart by Lou Zeller
- I-73 Roanoke, VA - NC Line 25 years of no funding by Mark Barker
- Potassium Iodide A Must For the Medicine Cabinet by Charles Utley
- Don't Dump on Me by Lou Zeller
- Justice for All? North Carolina's False Promises of Environmental Justice for Communities Targeted for Coal Ash Disposal by Therese Vick
- Fundraising with "Fun"-Raising by Marsha Ligon, ELEE Public Relations
- Two Ways to Give Back by Leigh Rainey

The LEAGUE LINE: Spring 2016

Spring 2016

- Cover: North Carolina's Weird Science by Therese Vick
- Cover: Victory at Bellefonte by Lou Zeller
- Clean Water - The Common Denominator by Sharon Ponton
- Safeguard America's Resources: Small Modular Reactors FACTS
- Director's Report: Solidarity Pacts by Lou Zeller
- North Carolina Will Not Play Host to Polluters by Denise Lee, Pee Dee WALL
- The Strength to Stymie Surveyors by Carolyn Reilly
- Pipeline Fighters Motivated by Message from Jane Kleeb by Mara Robbins
- Concerned Citizens of Shell Bluff Challenge Plant Vogtle by Charles Utley
- Two Ways to Give Back by Leigh Rainey

The LEAGUE LINE: Winter 2016

Winter 2016

- Cover: As Clear as Coal Ash by Therese Vick
- Cover: Knocking on Doors to Build Power by Whitney Whiting
- Atlantic Coast Pipeline: Local Economic Benefits Overstated & Not Auditable by Pastor Cary Rodgers
- Living Without A Voice by Rev. Charles Utley
- Director's Report: Social Change Availeth by Louis Zeller
- Preserving our History, Protecting our Land by Carolyn Reilly
- Vogtle: League Identifies, Challenges Vogtle Relaxed Construction Standard
- Meet the New BREDL Staff
- Paris Agreement Points to Global Resolve, Effective Local Action by Sandy Kurtz
- From Turkey to Paris: Adventures and Actions of a Traveling Climate Activist by Mara Robbins
- How to Train a Trainer, Grassroots Style by Sharon Ponton
- Bellefonte: TVA Fiddles While Commission Churns

The LEAGUE LINE: Fall 2015

Fall 2015

- Cover: Who's Side Are You On, McAuliffe? by Whitney Whiting
- Cover: The Home We Can't Buy by Pastor Cary Rodgers
- Potassium Iodide, "The Must Have Pill" by Rev. Charles Utley
- Let's Get REAL, Folks by Carolyn Reilly
- Director's Report: Hope is the Thing with Feathers by Louis Zeller
- Thank You letter by Duke University Stanback Intern by Diana Tarazzo
- Hands Across Our Land Coordinated National Action Hugely Successful by Sharon Ponton
- BREDL's Tireless Therese Vick Honored with National Community Sentinel Award
- Just Say NO to Pipeline Easements by Sharon Ponton
- Atlantic Coast Pipeline: Local Economic Benefits Overstated & Not Auditable by Pastor Cary Rodgers
- Freedom of Information Isn't Free in Franklin by Mara Robbins

The LEAGUE LINE: Summer 2015

Summer 2015

- Cover: Natural Gas Power Plants by Louis Zeller
- Cover: 28 Counties Drink Our Water by Mara Robbins
- Director's Report: Community Organizing 101 by Louis Zeller
- Export Expose' and the Renewable Revolution by Diana Tarazzo
- Nuclear Update by Louis Zeller
- United Landowners & Connected People Work to Preserve Franklin by Carolyn Reilly
- Fracking Lease Risk by Pastor Cary Rodgers
- Chatham County Against Coal Ash Dump Chapter Report by Judy Hogan
- Stanback Summer Internship Experience by Jinxi "Lizzie" Feng

The LEAGUE LINE: Spring 2015

Spring 2015

- Cover: The Fracking Venomous Snake by Pastor Cary Rodgers
- Cover: Imminent Exports through Eminent Domain? NO! by Mara Robbins
- Director's Report: Local veto over natural gas pipelines? Yes! by Louis Zeller
- Environmental Justice and Coal Ash Disposal - North Carolina's New PCBs? by Therese Vick
- Summer 2015 BREDL Stanback Interns, Nicholas School of the Environment, Duke University
- Nuclear Update: Waste Confidence Challenge by Louis Zeller
- Chapter Update: BEST/MATRR by Garry Morgan
- Drill, Baby, Drill Nuclear Style by Sandy Kurtz
- Environmental Justice Through The Hyde Park Relocation Plan by Rev. Charles Utley
- Congratulations to BREDL Chapters for Receiving TERC Mini-Grants by Kate Dunnagan
- Fire! Fire! Fire! - Landowner's Rights Violated by Mountain Valley Pipeline Survey Crews by Mara Robbins
- Preserve Roanoke's Float in St. Patrick's Day Parade: The Lorax by Getra Hanes-Selph
- League Calls for Local Control Across the Southeast by Kate Dunnagan
- Updates from Safeguard America's Resources Campaign and Feb. 12 Day of Action

The LEAGUE LINE: Winter 2015

Winter 2015

- Cover: Toxic Coal Ash-Coming Soon to a Backyard Near You? by Therese Vick
- Cover: Re-use of Coal Ash Re-introduces Contamination by Louis Zeller
- Director's Report: Are you Rosa Parks, or Claudette Colvin? by Louis Zeller
- EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it! Citizens for a Healthy and Safe Environment celebrate a crucial VICTORY!!!!
- Chapter Update: Save Linville Gorge Wilderness by Sue Crotts
- League Expands Staff Fighting Pipelines in Southwest Virginia In 2015
- A Tale of Three New Chapters, Organizing Against Pipelines in VA by Mara Robbins
- My story - a typical landowner in Franklin County by Natasha Laity-Snyder
- Battlelines Shift, the War Goes On by Fred First
- The Beginning of a New Era by Michael G. Noll
- Concerned Citizens of Shell Bluff Launch First Potassium Iodide Workshop by Rev. Charles Utley
- BREDL 2014 Highlights Webstats
- Nuclear Campaign Updates
- How Can BREDL Support My Community? Letter from an ELEE Member by Terica Luxton

The LEAGUE LINE: Fall 2014

Fall 2014

- Cover: Natural Gas, Unnatural Disaster by Louis Zeller
- Director's Report: I Am Because You Are by Louis Zeller
- Sand Mining - New Fracking Threat to North Carolina by Therese Vick
- BREDL on the Nation's Map - Thanks to Bungle by American Petroleum Institute Group by Sue Crotts
- Beyond Dirty Tricks by Gwen Frisbie-Fulton
- My Internship Experience with BREDL by Shengyuan Su
- Using Environmental Test Results with Community Members by Lou Zeller
- NC Mining and Energy Commission Experiences BREDL and Friends in Action During Fracking Hearings by Kate Dunnigan
- Who Regulates the Regulators? by Pastor Cary Rodgers
- Shell Bluff Concerned Citizens Potassium Iodide Program by Rev. Charles Utley

The LEAGUE LINE: Summer 2014

Summer 2014

- Cover: Will Fracking Come to Western North Carolina? Time to Take Action! by Louis Zeller
- BREDL Board of Directors Celebrate 30 Years of Grassroots Action by Kate Dunnagan
- Director's Report: Declarations of Justice by Louis Zeller
- Municipal Solid Waste Landfills are No Place for Coal Ash! by Therese Vick
- Water Hogs by Louis Zeller
- Duke University Stanback Internship Program
- Chapter Update: BEST/MATRR
- BREDL Receives $100,000 in Foundation Funding Awards by Kate Dunnagan
- Save Linville Gorge Wilderness Chapter initiatives by Lonnie and Sue Crotts
- Keeping a Watchful Eye On Savannah River Site by Rev. Charles Utley
- Interview Reflection in Lee County by Intern Shengyuan Su

The LEAGUE LINE: BREDL's Special 30th Anniversary Edition - Spring 2014

Spring 2014

- Cover: BREDL: In the Beginning | BREDL: Today - Coal Ash Disaster on the Dan by Louis Zeller
- BREDL Executive Committee Board Members and Staff Through the Years
- Director's Report: "Go not where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." by Louis Zeller
- Challenging the Nuclear Industry in Tennessee and Alabama by Sandy Kurtz
- People for Clean Mountains, Clean Jobs, and Clean Economy by Hope Janowitz
- The Many Talents of Lou Zeller by Mark Barker and Kate Dunnagan
- The League's First Victory: High-level Nuclear Waste Dump by Mark Barker
- BREDL Victory: 13 Year Radioactive Waste Dump Fight by Mark Barker and Kate Dunnagan
- Fighting Asphalt Plants by Michael Noll
- Anatomy of a Win, or How We Beat Fibrowatt II by Betty Tesh
- BREDL Moment: Victory Against ThermalKem Hazardous Waste Incinerator by Therese Vick
- Reflections by NCAP member, Brenda Bevan Remmes
- It Takes a Village to Stop a Biomass Plant by Michael Noll
- Icarus and the Arrival of the Third Solar Age by Michael Noll

The LEAGUE LINE: Winter 2014

Winter 2014

- Cover: Call it What You Want, Frackin' Waste is Still Poison by Pastor Cary Rodgers
- Director's Report: The Rachel Carson Amendment by Louis A. Zeller
- Freedom by the Hour: Charging for Public Records by Therese Vick
- Anti-Nuke Crowd Overwhelms Charlotte Hearing by Louis A. Zeller
- Celebrating 30 Years by Kate Dunnagan
- Update on the Relocation of the Residents of Hyde Park, Augusta GA by Charles Utley
- Citizens from across Virginia stood up and said, "No, Virginia Uranium Mining" LTE from Anne Cockrell
- BREDL Brings "No Toxic Trespass, No Fracking Way!" Tour across NC with Lois Gibbs By Kate Dunnagan

The LEAGUE LINE: Fall 2013

Fall 2013

- Cover: Fracking Poisons Air and Food By Louis A. Zeller
- Director's Report: Invasive and Destructive Energy Mining Goes Up Against Justice and Reason by Louis A. Zeller
- HEAT Members Work for Zero Waste by By Grace Gifford of HEAT
- This Land is Their Land by Therese Vick
- News from Scotland County Of Tomorrow (SCOT) Chapter
- Rave Reviews from Summer Interns of 2013 At Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League
- Turning the other cheek: What Happens if you are SLAPPED? By Therese Vick
- Prions in Sewage Sludge Endanger Farming Communities By Kate Dunnagan
- Moral Monday and the Environmental Justice Movement in NC By Kate Dunnagan
- Nuclear Campaign Updates By Louis A. Zeller

The LEAGUE LINE: Summer 2013

Summer 2013

- Cover: Waste Industry Puts a Bull’s-eye on North Carolina S328 Would Target Vulnerable Communities by Therese Vick and Lou Zeller
- Isn’t that special? Fracking waste is exempt from federal regulation! by Therese Vick
- Director's Report: Coat of Many Colors by Louis Zeller
- 21st Century Robber Barons by Louis Zeller
- A Wake up Call by Rev. Charles Utley
- Spotlight on BREDL Chapter: Save Linville Gorge Wilderness by Sue Crotts
- Chronology of milestones: by Mark Barker
- Statistics for Action and BREDL come together ...
- Introducing BREDL Development Director Kate Dunnagan by Beverly Kerr

The LEAGUE LINE: Spring 2013

Spring 2013

- Cover: On Thin Ice: Nuclear Power in the Southeast by Louis Zeller
- Director's Report: Beyond Business As Usual by Louis Zeller
- (no)waste confidence! Nuclear Waste Rule Update by Louis Zeller
- Welcome BREDL 2013 Duke Stanback Interns
- "It's not all that it's cooked up to be" by Rev. Charles Utley
- Hardworking BREDL Chapter Inspires ... by Laura Sorensen, SAFECarolinas
- Heavy Handed Authorities Overreact ... by Julius Kerr, N.E.W.
- BEST and MATRR stepped up ... by Sandy Kurtz
- Uncontrolled Public Health Experiment in Fracked Communities by Therese Vick
- Victory Over Uranium Mining and Milling in Virginia? by Anne Cockrell, PRIDE
- Holding up a Mirror by Dr. Michael Noll, W.A.C.E.
- Community Organic Gardens by Therese Vick

The LEAGUE LINE: Winter 2013

Winter 2013

- Cover:Opposing Nukes: BREDL Critical Mass by Louis Zeller
- Director's Report: Looking Forward to Energy Campaigns in 2013 by Lou Zeller
- 2012 Webstats Summary by Mark Barker
- Web-based Exploratory Mood and Well-Being Survey by Therese Vick
- Forge Creek Restoration Project Benefits Entire Community by Louis Zeller
- A Day and a Night to Remember The Bus Ride from Atlanta to Washington to Represent the Poor and Minorities by Rev. Charles Utley
- BREDL Goes to School
- Electric Power Integrated Resource Plans: Dirty Power, Dirty Money by Louis Zeller
- Woefully Inadequate Emergency Planning Near Nuclear Power Plantsby Louis Zeller
- Coming Soon to Your Backyard: Godzilla Grasses by Therese Vick
- African American Pastors Influence General Assembly on Virginia's 30-year-old Uranium Mining Moratorium by Ann Rogers
- Vogtle AP1000 Legal Case by Louis Zeller
- plus more . ..

The LEAGUE LINE: Fall 2012

Fall 2012

- Cover: League Fund Honors Founder
- Director’s Report: Asymmetrical Campaigns by Lou Zeller
- Making Street Puppets Adds Fun to Any Public Event by Elizabeth O’Nan
- Puppets and Street Theater in Community Action, Organizers Target State Representative by Therese Vick
- Racial Equity and Equality by Charles Utley
- Racial Equity - A Path to Community Change by Lou Zeller
- Judge Allows Emissions Information to be Hidden from the Public by Beverly Kerr
- Let the Sunshine In, Now’s the time to end Poultry and Swine Waste Set-asides once and for all by Therese Vick
- The Fox Guarding the Henhouse or: Who is minding the Fracking store? by Therese Vick
- At the Crossroads by Dr. Michael Nollby
- website stats by Mark Barker

The LEAGUE LINE: Summer 2012

Summer 2012

- Cover: We Win One - Court Strikes Down National Nuclear Waste Confidence Rule by Lou Zeller
Coming Soon to YOUR Backyard: Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzenes and Xylenes by Therese Vick
- Silver Bullets by Dr. Michael Noll
- Director's Report: Legal Tactics and League Chapters by Lou Zeller
- Unequal Protection from Pollution in the Southeast by Rev. Charles Utley
- Pittsylania County Citizens Speak Out About Uranium Mining by Ann Rogers
- Hydraulic Fracturing in North Carolina by Therese Vick
- Know Nukes Y' All Summit: Huge Success!

The LEAGUE LINE: Spring 2012

<Spring 2012

- Cover: Perkins Nuclear Site in North Carolina: Negative Impacts of Possible Nuclear Reactors on the Yadkin River, Davie County and Davidson County by Lou Zeller
- Director's Report: Energy Revolution by Lou Zeller
- Justice is Missing in North Carolina Fracking Study by Therese Vick
- South Atlantic Galvanizing LLC vs. North Carolina Citizens by Therese Vick
- Unequal Protection from Pollution in the Southeast by Charles Utley
- CHEJ Spotlights Janet Marsh
- Powerful Electronic Mapping Tools Target Interested Stakeholders by Ann Rogers
- Victories, Awards, Gifts and More!
- Welcome: New BREDL Chapters and 2012 Duke Stanback Interns!

The LEAGUE LINE: Winter 2012

Winter 2012

- Cover: Hydrofracking Law by Lou Zeller & Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing on the Environment and the Rural Landscape by Therese Vick
- Director's Report: The Occupation of 2012 by Lou Zeller
- Chapter Update: Concerned Citizens of Shell Bluff - Rev. Dr. Joseph E. Lowery Rallies Environmental Justice Campaign
- New Industries Invade Small Southern Cities and Georgia by Charles Utley
- The History of the North Carolina Air Toxics Program by Lou Zeller
- Fast Forward to 2012: A is for Arsenic by Therese Vick
- Nuclear Updates
- Chapter Update: Neighborhood Environment Watch - School and Church Outreach Campaign by Beverly Kerr
- Preventing Uranium Mining from Taking Place in Pittsylvania County, VA by Ann Rogers
- Park Foundation Supports BREDL in 2012

The LEAGUE LINE: Fall 2011

Fall 2011

- Cover: League Uncovers Secrecy Pledge Between NC Div. of Air Quality and South Atlantic Galvanizing by Beverly Kerr
- Director's Report: Organizing Communities for Social Change - What BREDL Does Best by Lou Zeller
- BREDL Duke Stanback Intern Kathie Sun Sheds Light on Sewage Sludge Sites
- Justice For One, Justice for All Is Still a Myth by Charles Utley
- Biomass Incineration: The Diagnoses Is In by Therese Vick
- Faults, Fractures and Fission: Part Three by Lou Zeller
- In the Harnett Triangle: Waste, Politics and...Chicken? Congratulations to Harnett County Citizens! by Therese Vick
- League Documents Flooding at Coles Hill, Virginia - Proposed Uranium Mine and Mill Site by Ann Rogers
- plus more ...

The LEAGUE LINE: Summer 2011

Summer 2011

- Cover: CPI Biomass: Greenhouse Gases, Air Toxins, Health Threats by Lou Zeller
- How PC PRIDE Is Fighting Biomass Incineration in Roxboro by Therese Vick
- Japanese take interest in Shell Bluff stand against New Nukes at Plant Vogtle by Rev. Charles Utley
- Director's Report: The Midas Touch: Impacts of the 2011 NC General Assembly by Janet Marsh
- BREDL Welcomes Duke Stanback Interns!
- Fractures, Faults and Fission: Part Two - Amateurs, Cranks and Fakers by Lou Zeller
- Anatomy of a Victory: The Closure of BMWNC Medical Waste Incinerator by Catherine Mitchell, CHE Chair
- A Nuclear Excursion: Cancer Risks Near Nuclear Facilities by Beverly Kerr
- Poultry Power USA Puts the Chicken Before the Egg by Therese Vick
- What Does Sustainable Economic Development Mean for Environmental Justice? by Therese Vick
- BREDL Action
- Chapter Updates

The LEAGUE LINE: Spring 2011

Spring 2011

- Cover: Sustainable Economic Development The Alternative to "No"
- BREDL Welcomes Community Organizer, Therese Vick by Beverly Kerr
- Director's Report: Nuclear Déjà vu - We must do it all over again by Janet Marsh
- Toxics and Disability by Daisy O’Nan
- Let Science Speak Now in the Uranium Mining Debate by Ann Rogers
- Fractures, Faults and Fission: Part One - Earth Quakes Nuclear Power by Lou Zeller
- Empowering Youth Today For Tomorrow by Rev. Charles Utley
- “Mighty Oaks From Little Acorns” by Christy Bailey, Alamance County Homeschool Teacher
- Dry-cleaning Solvent Perks Up Durham Neighborhood by Lou Zeller
- Nuclear Campaign Updates
- From Statistics for Action - BREDL’s partners at TERC write with this news … by Beverly Kerr
- Chapter Updates

The LEAGUE LINE: Winter 2011

Winter 2011

- Cover: Environmental Justice: A New Renaissance by Lou Zeller & Charles Utley
- Director's Report: On Taking Action: How to Win When the Obvious Things Have Failed by Janet Marsh
- League's Clean Energy Policy and the 2011 Stop Biomass/Incineration Campaign by Lou Zeller & David Mickey
- North Carolina Tightens Rules for Medical Waste Incinerators by David Mickey
- Virginia's 1% Solution by Ann Rogers
- Park Foundation Awards Grant to BREDL by Janet Marsh
- Virginia Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Our Appeal by Lou Zeller
- Biomass and Nuclear Plants Target Poor Communities by Lou Zeller
- Superfund National Day of Action by Charles Utley & Beverly Kerr
- "Under the Foot of the White Man" by Claude C. Howard
- League Campaigns to Prevent National Nuclear Waste Dump by Lou Zeller
- Groups Appeal Plant Vogtle Decision
- Shades of Green - Buying the Nuclear Farm by Sandra Kurtz
- Nature Sanctuary Update: Securing and maintaining trails and picnic areas by Julius & Beverly Kerr
- Chapter Updates

The LEAGUE LINE: Fall 2010

Fall 2010

- Cover: Phase Out Perc Dry Cleaning’s Toxic Solvent by Beverly Kerr
- Director's Report: Hit ‘em where they ain’t by Janet Marsh
- Georgia Perc Campaign by Rev. Charles Utley
- How We Beat Fibrowatt by Betty Tesh
- Successful Messaging Workshops Teach Creative Media Techniques by Beverly Kerr
- Vogtle Reactor Nuclear Messaging Meeting
- Citizens for a Healthy Environment Mount Cancer Count Survey by Sue Dayton
- Nuclear Power Updates by Lou Zeller
- Is Biomass Carbon Neutral? EPA Wants To Know. by David Mickey
- Waste or Fuel? Incinerator or Boiler? by David Mickey
- plus chapter updates . . .

The LEAGUE LINE: Summer 2010

Summer 2010

- Cover: League demands protection for NC drinking water from Sewage Sludge Spreading by Sue Dayton
- Guest Editorial: PVC, the Poison Plastic Unhealthy for Our Nation’s Children and Schools by Mike Schade, PVC Campaign Coordinator Center for Health, Environment & Justice
- Director's Report: Our Energy Policy in Hot Water by Janet Marsh
- National Grassroots Summit and Forum On Radioactive Waste Policy by Rev. Charles Utley
- The Timber Beasts Are Back by David Mickey
- Hundreds gather to protest plant proposed for Hart County by Lou Zeller
- BREDL and TERC ‘What a team!’ by Beverly Kerr
- Nuclear Issues Update by Lou Zeller
- BREDL Moves Closer to Creating Nature Sanctuary in Madison County, NC by Ann Rogers
- plus chapter updates . . .

The LEAGUE LINE: Spring 2010

Spring 2010

- Cover: Inherently Dangerous - Westinghouse AP-1000 nuclear power reactor by Lou Zeller
- Director's Report: Stimulus Dollars Should Not Create Sacrifice Zones: A Letter to EPA by Janet Marsh
- The Importance of Organizing at the Grassroots Level by Rev. Charles Utley
- Risk-based standards remain a threat to NC’s drinking water by Sue Dayton
- Be Safe: Promote Precautionary Action by Anne Rabe, CHEJ Be Safe Campaign Coordinator
- Clean Up North Carolina’s Energy Policy! by David Mickey
- Impact Fund Grant Awarded
- Toxics In Soil Increases Neighbors Concerns by Julius and Beverly Kerr

The LEAGUE LINE: Winter 2010

Winter 2010

- Cover: Biomass Energy: The Big Green Lie by Lou Zeller
- Director's Report: The Secrets of Our Success: A Tribute to James Johnson and Sam Tesh by Janet Marsh
- A Poultry Litter Exchange For North Carolina by David Mickey
- Constitution Day Essay by Jaime Zeller
- Sludge Spreading Poses Risk to Children by Sue Dayton
- Environmental Justice Cries Out by Rev. Charles Utley
- BREDL Is Worth Its Weight In Gold! by Ann Rogers
- Violations and Negotiations Highlight Stop Fibrowatt Campaign by David Mickey
- Matthews’Residents Back For Round 2 In Fighting For Clean Air by Sue Dayton
- Today’s Heroes By Matthew Sands
- Stericycle Awareness Campaign Update: January 2010
- A Scary Story from Surry County by Sam Tesh
- Communities taken to the cleaners by Sue Dayton
- Who are all these people working for me? Beverly Kerr

The LEAGUE LINE: Fall 2009

Fall 2009

- Cover: BREDL Mounts State-Wide Campaign to phase out use of toxic dry cleaning solvents by Sue Dayton
- Director's Report: Ban the Burn by Janet Marsh
- Citizens for Marlboro County Win Double Victory Against Mega-Dump by Belvin Sweatt and David Mickey
- A groundbreaking environmental justice case with potential for national impact by Janet Marsh
- Documentary Debut, Hyde Park Desperate...Determined by Beverly Kerr
- The Biomass Mess in North Carolina by David Mickey
- New Person County MRF is Open for Business
- Plutonium Plague by Cathy Garger
- Alleged "Nuclear Renaissance" by Arnie Gundersen, Fairewinds Associates
- plus lots more . . .

The LEAGUE LINE: Summer 2009

Summer 2009

- Cover: PC PRIDE Brings Green Jobs to Person County by David Mickey
- Director's Report: Nothing with a smokestack is green energy by Janet Marsh
- Guest Column: Need an attorney? by John Runkle, Attorney at Law
- Nuclear Follies: Part Two? by Lou Zeller
- Air Toxics Rules in Limbo by David Mickey
- Super highway permanently stalled by Mark Barker
- PERC Alert by Sue Dayton
- Stop Fibrowatt Campaign Expands by David Mickey
- plus lots more . . .

The LEAGUE LINE: (25th Anniversary Issue) Winter 2009

Winter 2009

- Cover: Activists Fight For Zero Waste by David Mickey
- Director's Report: 25 Years: Reflections On Lessons Learned by Janet Marsh
- Harnessing America's Energy by Lois Marie Gibbs, Executive Director, CHEJ
- Our Stewardship Will Make A Difference by James Johnson
- One In A Million by Ginny Hoyle
- Victory In A Landmark Clean Water Act Challenge by Louis Zeller
- Safer Incineration? Not Likely! by Sue Dayton
- BREDL And Residents Of Hyde Park Continue Struggle With Environmental Injustices by Charles Utley
- plus lots more . . .

The LEAGUE LINE: Fall 2008

Fall 2008

- Cover: The Anti-Nuclear Movement in the South by Louis Zeller
- Director's Report: Air Pollution Deregulation: A Giant Step Backward by Janet Marsh
- Taking care of the earth for future generations by Sam Tesh
- Environmental Justice: Making Communities Whole by Charles Utley
- FibroWHAT? by David Mickey
- Sewage Sludge: coming to a farm near you by Sue Dayton
- plus lots more . . .