Solite, Inc.  

Enforcement actions against Solite, Incorporated may be forthcoming

September 13, 1999

The North Carolina Division of Waste management confirmed today that enforcement actions against Solite, Incorporated may be pending. 

On March 18, 1999, the State lead a Compliance Evaluation Inspection (CEI) with EPA oversight to evaluate the facility's compliance with the applicable Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) regulations.  The report generated from this inspection clearly documented two violations and one area of concern.  Kiln #6 was burning hazardous waste.  While inspecting the hot end of kiln #6, the NCDENR inspector observed an emission leak coming from the hood seal.  The hazardous waste feed lines valve and flanges feeding kiln #6 did not have identification tags. 

Again, on April 27, 1999, fugitive emissions were observed by a state inspector from kiln #8 during the Certification of Compliance test burn.  The inspector noticed fugitive emissions around the front seal of #8 kiln while burning hazardous waste.  One must question what happens when inspectors are not on site.

Solite has been plagued by fugitive emission problems throughout their operating history.  With the clear-cut evidence of present contamination of the air, soil and water it is criminal for the EPA or the State to allow the continued operation of Solite, Inc.  Solite is a public health threat not only to citizens in Anson, Stanly and Union counties but the entire state.

Citizens must demand that Solite's permit to burn hazardous waste for fuel be terminated.  Until this happens, citizens cannot believe that either Governor Hunt or Bill Holman, Secretary, NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources,  are sincere in protecting and improving the air quality of North Carolina.

Solite can burn natural gas to make their product.  This action would preserve jobs, improve worker safety and eliminate toxic air emissions.

Denise Lee
Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League
Rt. 2, Box 286
Wadesboro, NC 28170