BREDL and our chapter Concerned Citizens of Shell Bluff file Petition regarding Plant Vogtle Plant 3 License Amendment and Exemption

May. 12, 2020: The Company's License Amendment Request does not comply with the current licensing basis, the applicable statutes and regulations, or the process for modifying the current licensing basis for Vogtle Unit 3 as set forth in 10 CFR 52.98(f). The Nuclear Regulatory Commission cannot approve this license amendment request. Our principal interests are the health and safety of our members living near the plant and the general public.

The Combined Operating License for VEGP Unit 3 issued under Part 52 is, pursuant to 52.98, final and its terms may not be modified, added to or deleted unless, pursuant to 52.103, the Commission provides proper notice to request a hearing. The Commission has done so. Further, the Petitioner has shown prima facie that criteria have not been met regarding seismic gap and that there are operational consequences of the nonconformance as requested by the Company which are contrary to public health and safety. The Commission did not, as prescribed under 52.97(a)(2), make a finding that this criterion had been meet when it issued the combined license. We hereby request a hearing.

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