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Brunswick Citizens For A Safe Environment

Brunswick Citizens For A Safe Environment Mt. Misery Road Office

Brunswick Citizens For A Safe Environment is celebrating the Sims Hugo Neu decision not to build the auto fluff landfill on Mount Misery Road in Leland, NC. On May 5, 2007, WWAY TV3 quoted Sims Hugo Neu President Robert Kelman as saying, "...Sims Hugo Neu has decided to leave Navassa to pursue other opportunities...". 97% of those polled told WWAY they were glad Hugo Neu was leaving.

BCFSE opens office on Mt. Misery Rd. in Leland, NC

Track 1: Mt. Misery Hill - written and performed by Jim Clare
Track 2: Landfill in My Soul - written and performed by Catesby Jones

BCFSE October 2006 Newsletter

BCFSE October 2006 newsletter - includes information on October 27, 2006 Protect the Cape Fear River Cruise Fundraiser.

Press Release

July 10, 2004 Press Release

Auto Shredder Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet: Auto Shredder Residue: Harmless Fluff or Toxic Waste?

Hugo Neu Landfill planned for Mt. Misery Rd.

A Shredded Junk Yard, 170 acres, 350 feet high
(Compared to Sutton stacks and Rampage Water Tank)

The toxins listed above are hazardous; the list is not complete. Science is at odds over exactly how much we or our children can be exposed to without being hurt, depending on who supplies funding for research. The government sets an "acceptable risk" limit on each of the hazardous toxins; anything under that limit is classified as being non-hazardous, with no consideration given for a combination of all the toxins or an accumulation of any one. Landfill liners leak and contaminate groundwater. TCE (trichloroethylene), Toluene, and the Xylenes readily pass through state of the art HPDE landfill liners in 1 - 13 days.

* Cars and appliances are shredded; scrap metal is sold to china, causing higher prices in the U.S. and a shortage in metal products expected this year.

* Material not recycled is called shredder residue or "auto fluff" and is banned by EPA for reuse due to its hazardous contents.

* Auto fluff is put in a landfill.

* The landfill Hugo Neu plans for our area is to be 170 acres, 350 ft. high, and adjacent to Indian Creek, which drains to the Cape Fear River.

* Auto fluff is not sufficiently regulated.

* Auto fluff dumps are not eligible for Superfund cleanups.

The state wants this dump.
The only thing to stop it will be a public outcry of protest.