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Corning Glass Asks To Increase Air Pollution 96%

Seeks To Avoid Clean Air Act PSD (prevention of significant deterioration)

We call on the North Carolina Division of Air Quality to do the right thing.

We ask for full public scrutiny of this huge expansion including a public hearing and comment period.

Letters to NC DAQ needed now!

The expansion would nearly double the impact of this Cabarrus County, NC plant on public health and the environment.

Annual pollution totals from expansion and modification include:

NOx---244.9 tons
SO2---2.2 tons
PM10---79.8 tons
CO---10.1 tons
VOC---8.1 tons
hydrochloric acid---9.2 tons
chlorine---8.5 tons

The above 442.6 tons/year of air pollution would be in addition to the presently permitted 461.9 tons/year.

Send letters to Mr. Alan Klimek NC DAQ requesting a public hearing and comment period for Corning Incorporated, Air Permit Application No. 1300117.99B

Alan Klimek, Director
Division of Air Quality
1641 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1641
phone: 919-715-6233
fax: 919-715-7175

More info: BREDL March 07, 2000 letter to NC DAQ