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Sign-on letter regarding Delay And Re-Evaluation of the Poultry Waste Set-Aside

Deadline for this sign-on letter was Midnight September 16, 2009. It was mailed on September 17, 2009. Thanks to all who signed.

Link to letter posted on the North Carolina Utilities Commission docket

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Chairman Edward S. Finley, Jr.
North Carolina Utilities Commission
4325 Mail Services Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-4325

September 17, 2009

Re: Docket No. E-100, Sub 113; Delay And Re-Evaluation of the
Poultry Waste Set-Aside

Dear Chairman Finley:

We write to request a “time-out” in the Commission’s consideration of electricity from poultry waste. North Carolina is making tremendous strides in its efforts to develop alternative energy resources. However, we must emphasize that not all renewable energy is clean. Poultry waste for example may be renewable; it is definitely not clean.

As our state moves forward with new fuels and new technologies, we rely on our regulatory agencies and commissions to adopt safeguards that will protect human health and the environment. Those safeguards are not yet in place. A “time-out” gives the Commission and the public an opportunity to examine our options regarding poultry waste as fuel.

The state’s utilities are questioning the impacts of excessive cost on the availability of cleaner resources. Allocating a large percentage of the renewable energy cost cap to poultry waste would leave a smaller percentage for cleaner alternatives like wind. Displacing clean energy to support dirty energy is obviously not in the public interest.

We must also question the impact of pollution on communities near poultry waste incinerators. They would bear an unfair share of the pollution burden. Again, there are no rules in place that consider social justice in the site selection process.

We support renewable energy that is clean, affordable and fair. As of now, poultry waste promises to be none of these. Instead it is dirty, expensive, and likely to impact those who can least afford the consequences of more pollution. The Commission has the authority to postpone and alter the poultry waste set-aside requirements if they find that a delay is in the public interest. We feel that it definitely is.

We urge the Commission to adopt a poultry waste “time-out” and make use of the opportunity to consider the implications of using poultry waste to generate electricity. With the Commission’s support, North Carolina can have both clean energy and a safe environment for everyone.


Janet Marsh
Executive Director
Glendale Springs, NC

This letter was also signed by 218 citizens