Coal Ash  

In Big Win for Communities, Coal Ash Disposal Company Drops Appeal of Chatham, Lee County Cases
Case Settled After Five Years of Litigation

Dec. 16, 2020: Almost a year to the day that Administrative Law Judge Melissa Owens-Lassiter reversed her decision which had allowed coal ash to be disposed of in Chatham and Lee Counties, the communities are announcing another victory. Charah, Inc.- the company that owns the two sites, has dropped their appeal of the 2019 ruling and has agreed that no coal ash will go to the Colon site in Lee County. The Brickhaven site will be closed as required by the permit issued by the NC Department of Environmental Quality.

Judy Hogan, President of Chatham Citizens Against Coal Ash Dump (CCACAD) said, ''I am delighted that Brickhaven dump will be closed now." Speaking about the ongoing groundwater contamination at the Brickhaven landfill Hogan continued ''There is pollution left behind in groundwater and no telling where else." The settlement also requires enhanced groundwater monitoring for five years, including additional wells and more frequent sampling.

EnvironmentaLEE (ELEE) members Debbie Hall and Keely Wood issued a joint statement: ''We have always been committed to the truth. We knew we were on the right side of environmental justice. We wish we could celebrate with all our members, especially those who live on Colon Rd, who would have been directly affected. Winning this 5-year court case just proves that community involvement and Lee County residents' voices, CAN and DO make a difference."

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