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Join the National Day of Action on PVC

TARGET UNCOVERED: The Poison Plastic Lurking In Your Shopping Cart...

On October 11th, Let Target Know Its Time to Phase Out PVC, the Poison Plastic.

Join consumers and students from around the country on Wednesday, October 11th and tell Target that it is time to clean up their act and phase out PVC, the poison plastic. This national day of action is targeting one of the nation's largest retailers that sells many common products such as shower curtains, children's toys and baby products made out of or packaged in polyvinyl chloride, the poison plastic. PVC products are dangerous to our health and environment from start to finish -- in the factory, at home, and in the trash -- releasing poisonous chemicals linked to cancer and birth defects.

Join the Center for Health, Environment & Justice's PVC National Day Of Action and hold an event at a Target store in your area.

The day of action will feature the launch of a hilarious new animated detective spoof Flash Video -- "Sam Suds and the Case of PVC, the Poison Plastic."

Event Organizing Kit includes everything you need to put together a highly effective event. You will get the following items in plenty of time to organize a great event.

Colorful "hazmat suits" with Target PVC Phase Out stickers to draw interest and media attention.

Attention-grabbing printed Signs and Flyers to hand out about PVC hazards and safer alternatives

Flash Video DVD's of "Sam Suds and the Case of PVC, the Poison Plastic" for reporters or to show at the event.

Sample letter you can give to the store manager.

Sample Media Advisory and Release to send reporters.

Tips on organizing a fun and effective event.

Your event can be as small as just you and a friend handing out flyers and holding placards -- to scores of people demonstrating outside of a Target store with TV, radio and print media covering your letter delivery to the store manager.

Your Voice Makes a Difference: Consumer and group pressure organized by CHEJ's PVC Campaign had already resulted in the phase out of PVC packaging by Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Crabtree & Evelyn, said Lois Gibbs, CHEJ Executive Director, and it played a role in Wal-Mart's decision to phase out PVC packaging for their private label brands.

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Mike Schade
PVC Campaign Coordinator
Center for Health, Environment and Justice