Clean Air  

BREDL Comments at Public Hearing on permit for Maymead Asphalt Plant in Boone, NC.

February 19, 2001
Public Hearing, Boone, NC
Comments of Louis Zeller

Maymead, Inc.
Air Permit No. 08388R01
Site No. 4/95/00121

The storage and use of the asphalt additive at the Maymead 105 plant creates additional pollution sources not adequately accounted for in the draft permit. The manufacturer ARR-MAZ Products (AMP) specified in the application for the present permit that the anti-strip additive has a 14.7 PSIA vapor pressure at a liquid surfact temperature of 120 degrees-F. The storage tank on the 105 plant site has a 2000 gallon capacity. For the Maymead Brown Plant the DAQ prepared an analysis of the anti-stripping additive produced by AMP which states that a permit is not required for the storage tank at that plant (DENR-WSRO letter to B.K.Mount, August 1999). However, in that analysis DAQ utilized data provided by AMP which stated that the vapor pressue was 0.00019 PSIA at 68 degrees-F, allowing the anti-strip storage tank to be exempted on the basis of low vapor pressure. A study of such additives included with the DAQ analysis addressed highway worker exposures to volatile additive and did not apply to asphalt plant workers. The co-author of the paper, Joe Proctor, said, “We have not done enough work to determine if this is true or not, but our assumption was that the employee behind the paver was going to be exposed a lot more than the employee at the plant.”